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Attention Digital Techs & Pros!

Phase One Certification Program

Training in San Francisco!

Bear Images and Phase One are pleased to present the Phase One Certified Professional Program.

The POCP training will be offered on September 17th & 18th  in San Francisco

The cost of the Certification Training is $499 (all participants will receive a license-key for Capture One 8 Pro, documentation to support the workshop, on-line training and participants that pass the Certification exam will receive a listing on Phase One's website for Certified Professionals.


All workshop/training days run from 9am to 5pm, are held at Bear Images Learning Lab in San Francisco, and includes lunch.  This is an outstanding opportunity to learn about both the Hardware and the Software that makes Phase One the industry leader for the professional.

Extensive hands-on exposure to the latest Phase One Digital Backs and Camera.  Advanced work-flow techniques, solutions and techniques to keep things running properly when the unplanned potential issues pop-up...

Special Rates for Recertification, which is required every Two Years...

The POCP training program includes:

  1. -Special Program Updates for 2015  & XF Camera

  2. -On-line Training Tool

- A full license of Capture One Pro Software
- A special Trouble Shooting Guide
- Get listed on Phase One's website as a "Phase One   Certified Digital Tech" 

- Extensive shooting time on the Phase One Cameras
- Extensive shooting time on the Phase One Digital backs


Phase One Certified Training Program September 17th & 18th

Become a Certified Professional at our Next POCP training

Special Rates for Recertification, which is required every Two Years...

Bear Images’
Phase One Certified Professional and 
Technical* Training Programs:

San Francisco
Sept. 17th, 18th

Oct. 28th, 29th

Nov. 3rd, 4th

San Francisco:
Dec. 8th, 9th, Technical: 

For the Great-Northwest we have two additional Dates:

Portland -  Special Training  POCP Training  October 28th and 29th

Seattle -    Special Training  POCP Training  November 3rd and 4th