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Phase One Platinum Dealer Since 1995   

Phase One Dealer of The Year:

2009 - Malmo Sweden

2000 - Photokina, Cologne Germany

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Who is Bear Images?

Why Buy at Bear?

  1. The Bay Area’s professional photographic solution provider since 1982.  Now Servicing the Entire Greater

  North Western Region and beyond

  1. Stocking dealer of all top professional products.

  2. Real-world experienced staff  “not sales- guys”

  3. Leading resource for training & workshops

  4. We’re not always the fastest, but we definitely try to be thorough!

...Some of the Brands We Feature...

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  1. Unparalleled support

• Competitive pricing

  1. Personalized service

  2. We know photography

• Because we care!

Bear Images has a wonderful selection of pre-owned Phase One and Leaf Digital Backs for the majority of standard camera models..

Contact Bear Images to discuss you needs.   Excellent quality backs are available from as low as $4,500 and up...

Palo Alto Retail Store - Public Business Hours are, Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm

                                                              Weekends and Special Events by Appointment during the Winter.

XF Camera System – Ultimate high resolution performance

•   With 100MP of resolution, a delicate balance and attention to operational detail is essential. The XF Camera System was built with optimal 100MP performance in mind. As such, features like the HAP-1 AF, Vibration Tracking, Vibration Detection and Electronic First Curtain Shutter technology were all build for this moment, to ensure the ultimate 100MP performance.

16 bit Color – The key to ultimate imaging perfection

•   Phase One Camera Systems are famous for capturing smooth and subtle tonal transitions, replicating scenes with ultimate detail. This is in large part due to the unmatched 16-bit color depth, combined with decades of software development. The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System will be the industry leading 16-bit camera from day one.

“... 65,536 Distinct Values Per Color ...”

“... Simply Better Than Film ...”

Fast and fluid Live View providing the ultimate workflow

•   One of the main advantages of CMOS technology is the stunning sensor read-out speed. One benefit from this read-out speed is fast and fluid Live View enabling simple, clear and precise focus in real-time as well as immediate reference for dynamic composition. With Phase One XF Medium Format Camera Systems and high-resolution imaging, focus can be critical and Live View can ensure consistent success.

“... Stunning Live Focus and Composition ...”

“... Get Started Today with Bear Images ...”

XF 100MP Camera System. The Ultimate Image Quality

•   For more than 20 years we at Phase One have been pushing the limits of digital image quality to help our customers stand out. With the XF 100MP Camera System, everything we’ve been working on finally comes together in one system. Ultimate Image quality combined with the ultimate creative freedom to help our customers create new masterpieces.

“... You Asked For It - Now You Can Get It ...”

“... Some Closer Details ...”

100MP Full Frame Medium Format CMOS Perfection

•   We’ve always strived to offer our customers the ultimate photographic flexibility. We were the first to offer Full Frame Medium Format CCD systems and now we’re proud to be the first to offer a Full Frame Medium Format CMOS solution. The Phase One XF 100MP Camera System offers the same great advantages of full frame usability with the added benefits of CMOS. No lens crop factors, no focus screen masks, just uncompromising image quality from edge to edge.



of the new IQ 100MP

at Bear Images

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Phase One

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Bear Images Photographic has been a Premier Phase One Partner for over 20 years !

In-depth personalized Digital Back demonstrations and discussions available by appointment.

XF Camera System

Designed around a new modular camera body, the Phase One XF Camera System is destined to be the new standard in professional grade medium format photography.  This new modern camera system offers a full re-design of all core elements, including optics, mechanics, imaging sensors, electronics, autofocus system, user controls, software, functionality and reliability. 

The feature list is extraordinary; New Vibration Sensors, Removable Prism-Waist Level Finder, Power-Sharing between components, OneTouch UI (via either intuitive touch-screens), Zonal Mapping, Next-Step Exposure feedback, ‘Honeybee’ AutoFocus System-via CMOS Sensor, Incredible New Schneider Optics, Extended Exposure Times to 1 Hour on all IQ3 backs, Rugged Construction, Selective Shutter Control, Continuous Mirror-up Lock, Interactive Live-view with Direct Shoot Mode, Customized Controls in Capture One for XF camera system, 30% faster tethered shooting speed, Upgradeable Feature Set... 

Now Available for Demonstration, New Purchases and Upgrades from Bear Images

Phase One XF System Introduction Overview video at PhotoAesthetics - Click Here

Phase One 100MP Digital Back

Please Note:  Prices, Promotions, Upgrades, All and Any Offers Subject to Change and Limitations Without Notice.

© Bear Images Photographic 2016

Phase One Launches a New Line of Cameras

We are pleased to announce the Phase One new IXU-RS series of cameras with the flagship - the IXU-RS 1000 and, the 4-Band multi-spectral solution.

The new IXU-RS features a breakthrough central lens shutter design.  The new shutter technology is based on an innovative direct drive concept with electronic charging that enhances exposure speed to as fast as 1/2500s while guaranteeing half a million exposures-an unprecedented shutter life!  Exception Capture rate of 0.6 seconds per frame at 100 million pixels with ISO from 50 to 6400.

The 4-Band Multi-spectral Solution incorporates an innovative batch-processing tool that automates and thus simplifies the four band aerial image generation.  Using two ultra-high resolution camera (one with bayer-pattern, one selective spectrum for NIR, which produces ideal results for NDVIA and crop analysis.

Designed and optimized for the photogrammetric airborne imaging applications and specialized industrial applications.

The light weight and small footprint make the iXU cameras perfectly suited for small aircraft and UAV integration-with full HDMI out put and the ability to capture thousands of images per mission.

THRIVING in Palo Alto

Since 1982

Photographic Printers

The drops of ink, when arranged algorithmically by the millions into patterns on media, can compose breathtaking photorealistic images, intricately detailed schematics and spectacular works of art.

  1. Produce museum quality high resolution prints and giclée reproductions up to 60” wide.

  2. A set of 12, durable, scratch resistant, wide color gamut Canon LUCIA EX inks reduce bronzing and deliver a spectacular tonal range for both color and monochrome images.

  3. Reduce finishing costs while saving time and labor. The iPF9400 is the only printer in its’ class with the ability to output borderless images up to 60” wide.

  4. Canon’s unique sub-ink tank system means you can replace ink tanks on “on the fly” for less down time and fewer print interruptions.

  5. A new built-in Multi-Sensor simplifies calibration of the printer and helps maintain consistent and accurate color reproduction.

Why aren’t You printing your own gallery quality prints?

We can show you that it is much lower cost than you may think... 

plus Much Faster and Easier... We Will Be Happy to Show You...

and why the Canon is the superior choice.

New Canon PRO-1000, PRO-2000, PRO-4000, PRO-4000s, PRO-6000s

What if a printer was designed to exceed the expectations for image quality and color consistency of the photographer? 
...even Black & Whites’....Printing.html

The new imagePROGRAF printers are designed to do exactly that - exceed expectations and make print making enjoyable.  The use of a new 1.28-inch wide, 12-channel integrated compact print head, LUCIA PRO ink set plus Chroma Optimizer, a high-precision mechanical platform and the L-COA PRO high-speed image processing engine achieves a balance between exceptional print quality and speed that you need to see to appreciate.

These unique Canon technologies and innovations establish the foundation for an ultra-high quality photography imaging solution that is available only from Canon. Powered by a Canon-to-Canon workflow that links images captured with an EOS Digital Camera and printed on an imagePROGRAF PRO Series printer, the result is a solution that delivers prints that capture the moment and emotion of the original image. The overwhelmingly high print quality produced by this input to output solution is called Crystal-fidelity.

The PRO-Series is designed to work seamlessly when changing media types. Matte black and Photo black inks have their own dedicated nozzles, so no manual switching between ink tanks is necessary. You can print on fine art paper then glossy paper with no worries, no changes, and no waste.

The new LUCIA PRO ink set adopts newly formulated 11-color pigment inks and a Chroma Optimizer. Designed specifically to meet the demands of even the most critical photographer, the LUCIA PRO ink formulation includes microencapsulated colorants that enable smooth gradients, an expanded color gamut, and deeper color expression. This system helps you achieve stunning color reproduction, image clarity, and enhanced darker areas. A first for the Canon large format printers is the addition of a Chroma Optimizer. Used when printing on glossy and semi-glossy paper, this acts as a clear coat, improving color performance and gloss characteristics enriching the dark areas of a print.

This new ink set helps:

  1. Enhance gloss uniformity

  2. Improve scratch resistance

  3. Enhance dark area reproduction

  4. Reduce graininess

The PF-10, a 1.28”-wide print head with 18,432 nozzles equipped with anti-clogging FINE technology, generates fast print speeds while reducing the possibility of clogging. Ink ejection conditions are precisely checked by 27 sensors, and if a clog is detected, another nozzle will automatically provide back-up.

This new print head is wider than previous imagePROGRAF print heads requiring models to only have one instead of two. Having only one print head means a more compact printer that achieves faster print speeds while maintaining high print quality.

The color calibration function is designed to produce consistent color reproduction. This new printer includes an upgraded, built-in color densitometer that offers precise calibration and color matching. Using a three-color LED and newly developed condenser lens the sensor enables accurate recalibration of the device, allowing you to maintain a low average printer-to-printer color difference. The color calibration is finished quickly after a few simple steps on the printer’s operation panel. A single color calibration performed with one type of media can be applied to media in all printing modes.

Device Management Console

The Device Management Console software, ideal for fleet management, lets you perform color calibrations remotely. This software lets you monitor the printer status of up to 50 units from any location in the world, be notified via email when an error has occurred, or check the amount of ink left in the printers without ever having to leave the comfort of your desk.

The optional Multifunction Roll System is a versatile media handling solution system that enables either a second roll of media to be loaded on the printer, or the unit can be configured as a bi-directional media Take-up unit.

  1. Dual –Roll Feeding: The dual-roll feeding mechanism enables users to load a second roll of a different media type and size so that users can simultaneously switch from printing on matte to gloss paper without pausing their work to reload. Additionally, the second roll can be used to support high-volume printing be enabling two rolls of the same media to be fed to the printer

  2. Bi-Directional Rewinding: The Multifunction Roll System may also be configured by the operator as a take-up unit to rewind longer printouts. The user can choose to rewind media with the printed surface on the outside or the inside of the roll, thereby supporting “bi-directional rewinding”.

Loading media on a Canon larger format printer has never been easier. Simply set the roll holder in the printer, rotate the roll holder handles and let the media automatically feed into the printer. No need to touch the paper; decreasing the risk of creasing and blemishes.

Creating large format prints is now easier with the introduction of Print Studio Pro for imagePROGRAF large format printers. This software offers features that streamline your printing workflow. Compatible with Canon Digital Photo Professional® software, Adobe Photoshop® software, and Adobe Lightroom® software, Print Studio Pro offers versatility never before seen with Canon Large Format printing.

Features include:

  1. 16-bit Printing Workflow

  2. Roll Paper Preview Mode

  3. Contrast Reproduction

  4. Import multiple images and make batch edits that apply to all

  5. Create “Favorites” settings

  6. Ability to print multiple-up images

There is much more, but you may be tired of reading and ready to look at Prints - Lets makes some prints together, make an appoint with bear Images to see the New Canon Pro-2000 and Pro-4000 first hand...

Canon Pro-2000 printer starts at only $2,696. and the *Pro-4000 from $4,796.

Plus, Bear Images as Special Introductory Additional Savings Call for the details, for limited time.

See all of the Beauty combining the finest image quality of the IQ3 100MP and the Canon PRO-4000 Printer.   We are happy to set-up and demonstration so that you can see first hand image quality at its best!

Schedule a Demonstration of the Phase One and Canon Pro Fine-Art Printers at Bear Images Photographic.

Download PDF Cost Estimator:

Want to Get The Latest Upgrade for you Capture One Pro Software...?

Send us an e-mail with your Existing Key  or give a call to 650-321-2327

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Phase One




At Bear Images

March 14 & 15

San Francisco

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Phase One’ s Capture One 10 and Tangent Panels

The Future of Adjustments - Redefining What a Shortcut Is

Schedule a demonstration of the Tangent Panels with Capture One  10

at Bear Images

The HUB app is fully utilized and allows full customization rather than a hardcoded configuration. It’s worth noting the implementation in Capture One is far more than a simple hack-and-link to the current shortcuts.

By talking directly to the command layer, you can achieve a more analogue experience of adjustment. Also, it keeps binding separate from any shortcut-map in the application. It also allows the user to utilize the ramp-rates and variables in the mapper without relying on hard coded increments.

The Tk panel (TracK-ball)

The core driver of the project of bringing tangent into Capture One was the Color Balance Tool – it’s no coincidence that the three track balls in the Tk panel match the three wheels in the Color Balance UI. The ball shape directly imitates the Color Balance Tool: The ball controls X/Y tint and saturation point in a 2-dimensional space, and the ring controls lightness. Two buttons allow a quick reset of ring and ball independently of each other.

Where the implementation beats the mouse is the ability to do adjustments simultaneously. As an example: lifting highlights and darkening shadows at the same time.

You may start to see how this removes barriers to adjustment while you get to the end result faster. To round off the Tk, a ‘hold to reset grading’ command is mapped to the B button for a temporary reset of the grade.

The Kb panel (KnoBs)

This panel consists of 12 encoders, and you can map it to most sliders in Capture One 10. The ramp rates are tuned per tool for a decent speed of adjustment. You can slow these when adjusting by holding the A button (mapped to alternative function) for finer tweaks. You can also adjust them simultaneously – for example Exposure and Contrast, or Sharpening and Threshold. Push the knob to reset the specific slider.

Mf panel (MultiFunction)

This is a hybrid of the Bt and Tk. It’s configured with a mixture of edit and rating shortcuts and experimental ideas in using the track ball.

The track ball has two banks. The first one works with brushes, which gives a dynamic interface into size, hardness and opacity. The second one quickly scales and set overlay position.

The buttons on the Mf panel are configured to rate and cull in sessions. The play and advance buttons are mapped to ‘Next image’ and ‘Next set’ respectively. ‘Stop’ marks the image green (for pick) with other tags and select by tags above. In order to for example delete or create an album from  selection, you can use ‘Selected by tag’.

Bt panel (BuTtons)

The Bt panel is a simple button bank which can emulate button presses and toggles, or for bigger maps configured to “go to mode”. In the default set, most toggle functions allow quick access to things like Focus mask, Exposure warning and Proofing. It also allows deep menu commands for things like local adjustments and hiding parts of the user interface.

With practice, hiding the user interface is the show piece of the implementation. You can remove everything from the monitor except the viewer and user still has control over every tool. Working full screen on an image with no clutter and total focus is simply a dream coming true.


Extra Set of 160ML

Ink Tanks

$1,161 Value

For Limited Time

with all Pro-4000s

Bear Images and Phase One are pleased to present the Phase One Certified Professional Program.

The POCP training will be offered on March 14 & 15, in San Francisco.

The cost of the Certification Training is $499 (all participants will receive a license-key for Capture One 10 Pro, documentation to support the workshop, on-line training and participants that pass the Certification exam will receive a listing on Phase One's website for Certified Professionals.


All workshop/training days run from 9am to 5pm, are held at Bear Images Learning Lab in San Francisco, and includes lunch.  This is an outstanding opportunity to learn about both the Hardware and the Software that makes Phase One the industry leader for the professional.

Extensive hands-on exposure to the latest Phase One Digital Backs and Camera.  Advanced work-flow techniques, solutions and techniques to keep things running properly when the unplanned potential issues pop-up...

Special Rates for Recertification, which is required every Two Years...

The POCP training program includes:

  1. -Special Program Updates for 2017 & XF Camera...

  2. -On-line Training Tool

- A full license of Capture One Pro 10 Software
- A special Trouble Shooting Guide
- Get listed on Phase One's website as a "Phase One    Certified Digital Tech" 

- Shooting time on the Phase One Cameras
- Shooting time on the Phase One Digital backs

- Optimizing your Hardware and Software


Phase One Certified Training Program March 14th & 15th

Become a Certified Professional at our Next POCP training

This Training Program is designed to provide you with the Latest Hardware Updates, Trouble-Shooting and Diagnostics Information, Best Practices with Phase One Hardware and Software and the Latest Software Tools from Phase One.  Time for Hand-On experience is also made available.  Know your tools!

still only $499